Benogen Sachet

Benogen Sachet

Product Description

Benogen is used to treat joint and cartilage erosion, and it is also used to treat many problems that affect and damage the joints, and this product originally consists of nutritional supplements, as it contains (Vitamin C – in addition to gelatin with a banana flavor).


There are a lot of cases in which Benogen is used, and these cases are:

  • Benogen is used for the elderly in case of joint erosion or in cartilage problems, as Benogen has the ability to rebuild and form cartilage again.
  • Benogen can be used to increase the production of collagen, which constitutes about 70% of the components of cartilage, as collagen works to maintain the softness and flexibility of joints.
  • It is also used in various parts of the bones, in which cartilage erosion occurs. It also helps to reduce painkillers and thus reduces pain

Dosage & Administration

The physician is responsible for determining the dose for Benogen, but in most cases, the recommended dose is one sachet every day, and this medicine is taken before breakfast every day, and it is very important to continue using Benogen for the period specified by the doctor, even if the disease condition improves. In most cases, the doctor determines between two to three months as duration of treatment, and the response to the drug varies according to the case severity.